Shrink Film

Shrink films are either in Single Sheet form or Centerfolded type of clear shrink films. They are most widely used in different industries; either with Fully Automatic or Semi-Automatic shrinks packaging. Shrink films let your products be anti-dust, anti-humidity and adds beauty and value to any product. Different packaging machines calls for different shrink packaging materials. Multi packaging best use PE, PP, POF & PVC materials, Sleeve packaging best use PET, PVC etc., Pillow type packaging best use PP, POF etc, Fully Automatic L-Sealers best use POF, PVC etc., Different packaging films has their own distinct physical properties, like stress resistivity, tear strength, breakpoints, film clarity etc.,. Hence the proper choice of shrink film packaging material and how it is used plays a major factor in product packaging effectiveness. Let us find the best method for your product.



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