Shrink Sleeve

Shrink sleeves are custom printed labels that are heat shrinked around the body of a container. It gives the product a very appealing look with its colorful graphics. They can be custom printed in 360 degree thereby maximizing packaging effectiveness. They can replace conventional sticker labels for more lasting outer packaging and are both water and oil resistant. Since it is a plastic film, any drippings or slight dirt can be easily wiped off on label surface. They are an economical alternative to investing in different printed containers; Buyer can just use a universal or uniform container then just print different color labels. Not only is it cost saving, it can also help save warehouse storage space. Custom Printing on Clear and Color Extruded film are available. Aside from labels in cut pieces form, they can also come in whole rolls for use in fully automatic shrink labeling machines. Our shrink labels can have as much as 8 color print.


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